Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, osteopathic treatment is gentle, however, if you are in acute pain you may experience some post treatment discomfort for about 48 hours. It rarely lasts longer. It is a normal response as your body starts to recover. By following aftercare advice given to you by your osteopath, any discomfort should quickly ease off. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

Treatments are usually spaced roughly one week apart, however, if the pain is acute we may recommend a shorter interval. Some patients like to manage their condition with regular sessions and prefer to avoid the risk of acute symptoms.

Osteopathy is accepted by most reputable private health insurers and we are currently accredited with the main ones – WPA, AVIVA, VITALITY, CIGNA. Our policy is for you to pay our fees and then claim back from your insurance company. We will be happy to issue receipts if requested. Every insurer has its own claims procedure and you should check with your own private health insurer before your first consultation with us whether you are covered and if you will need to be referred by your GP.

You need to wear comfortable clothing. You would normally need to remove an appropriate amount of clothing to enable us to examine the area which is the cause of your problem. You always keep your underwear on. We provide a gown and if you prefer you can bring your own shorts.

We are on the ground floor but do not currently have full facilities for the disabled.

Due to your notes being confidential we would only speak or write to
your GP with your consent.

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