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Antonietta D’Angelo was born in the Amalfi Coast area of southern Italy, living there until the age of 25. At that point, she came to England to study the English language, later deciding to remain here and build a life in this country.

Her first encounter with osteopathy happened following an injury to her back whilst running when a local osteopath helped her to recover.

Since then, she has visited her osteopath regularly, who has kept her free of injury during her sporting and leisure activities.

Antonietta graduated from the British School of Osteopathy (now called University College of Osteopathy), gaining invaluable experience in a busy clinical environment during her studies.

While completing her osteopathic training, Antonietta also qualified and worked as a holistic and sports masseur.

Since graduating as an osteopath, Antonietta has continued to add to her professional qualifications and clinical and personal development.

This has led her to take further postgraduate courses in treating and rehabilitating cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine and shoulder joint issues.

In addition, she treats muscle spasms, sprains, neuralgia, chronic backache, minor sports injuries and arthritis-related pain. She has completed courses in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) and in chronic pain.

Antonietta has trained and developed her skills and experience in fascial manipulation. This technique supports functional movement and reduces friction between muscles, tendons, and joints. The fascia is an important component of the musculoskeletal tissues as it provides a flexible cover for muscles, tendons, and nerves.

Visceral manipulation

Antonietta has also trained in Visceral Osteopathy, which treats internal organs (e.g. stomach, kidneys, intestine, liver, etc.). The decreased mobility and impaired mechanics of an organ can cause pain or discomfort in the back or other parts of the body which are mechanically or neurologically linked to that organ.


Antonietta has carried out extensive training in the treatment of babies and children. She has obtained a postgraduate diploma in paediatrics at the British School of Osteopathy and trained at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London. She specialises in treating babies who present with musculoskeletal restrictions. Osteopathic treatment aims to restore the normal movement in the muscles, ligaments and joints, which can improve your baby’s well-being and sleep.

Women’s Health

Antonietta also treats women’s issues during pregnancy and after birth.  This is a challenging time for a woman as the body changes to accommodate the growing baby. 

The issues that Antonietta treats range from mundane back pain to symphysis pubis dysfunction and coccyx problems.  She has completed the “Mummy MOT” training and obtained a Diploma at the Molinari Institute of Health, specialising in pelvic floor issues and post-partum rehabilitation.  Antonietta has also carried out training in scar reduction.  She can recommend how to massage a scar to help your healing after a C-section and give you exercise to help with your core strengthening.

During her free time, Antonietta enjoys reading, travelling and gardening. 

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