ScarWork is a specialised manual therapy for people with scar tissues following an injury, an operation, a wound from an accident, or skin conditions such as acne.  The American Sharon Wheeler developed it, and it has now become popular in the U.K., with several practitioners trained in the method.

ScarWork aims to boost healing, decrease pain, smooth out any ridges, bumps or knots and improve overall mobility and function of the tissues affected. In addition, by reducing the scar density, any neurological impairments such as numbness, itching or extreme sensitivity will often improve.

ScarWork can begin six weeks after an operation. However, some people may need to wait up to twelve weeks after their surgical procedure.  It is essential that scars are dry, healed and infection-free. ScarWork can have beneficial effects even for old scars which might be several years old.

ScarWork is a gentle treatment suitable for any type of surgery, including breast augmentation or reduction, keyhole surgeries, knee and hip joint replacements, cancer surgery scars and many more.

After a C-section, the therapy should start between 8 and 20 weeks after birth.  If you want to add silicone therapy to help to heal, the area the ideal time is eight weeks after birth.

The number of treatments will vary according to the severity of your condition. Usually, between four and eight treatments will suffice to make an improvement.  Each session decreases restrictions from the scar and improves the quality of the surrounding tissues. However, older scars will improve at a slower rate.

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